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When we bought our house on over 2 acres of dirt in 2007, we were committed to sharing our land. First that was with our children and the many 4-H and FFA animals we fostered. After they flew the nest (we still enjoy many homecomings and grandchildren galivanting around), it was time for our next adventure. Now, if you're asking yourself, "what were they thinking starting a flower farm later in life?" - not to worry, we had a plan...well sort of. 

Gardening and sowing the dirt has always been second nature to me - a girl from Seattle growing up alongside my mother, grandmothers and aunties who adored the garden. And Dave, growing up in eastern Oregon ag country...well it just comes naturally to him too. So, for over 30 years, we've enjoyed being outside together, nurturing all the wonderful things the earth has to offer us.  

Then one day, I came across a book that would enhance our life more than we could have imagined. Flowers. We could bring joy to people through sharing our land with flowers. Now in our fifth year, we're gearing up to have more blooms than ever before as we continue to learn and grow  on the farm. 

We are so excited to share the 2023 seasons of spring, summer and even fall blooms with you and our hope - truly - is that our heirlooms, uncommon, and sometimes even wild flowers bring a smile to your face and joy in your heart. 

In all things good, 
Dave and Susie

P.S. After we tragically lost our Maggie (Magnolia - the farm's namesake) in 2021, we fell in love with our new pups: Dahlia and Daisy who love the farm just the same. 

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Dahlia + Daisy

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Wrapped in brown paper and tied up with a string, these flowers are waiting for you to style in your own vase. There's something nostalgic about a market bouquet, don't you think?

ORder now

market Bouquet

fresh from the garden

A one-of-a-kind arrangement styled in a quart jar ready to bring joy to a friend, brighten your dining room table or add the perfect touch to your celebration. We follow the garden and whatever is blooming the best each day; however do let us know if you have a particular color scheme in mind and we'll do our best to accommodate. 

every day arrangement

Freshly cut flowers and foliage, each bucket contains 70-90 stems of the freshest pick depending on what is in bloom. As a reference, and dependent on how full you want them, you could make 5-7 quart-sized jar bouquets from the bucket. If you have a particular color scheme in mind we'll do our best to accommodate.  Please note, we are subject to what flowers are in bloom.

fresh cut bucket

We offer bespoke floral arrangements a la carte for your wedding with special, heirloom florals tied with silk ribbon. Please click "let's chat" above, and we will be in touch!

Weddings A La carte

Fresh flowers grown on the farm are available May-September. We also accept floral orders year-round. We love combining herbs, flowers and unexpected textures to make for a unique combination and one-of-a-kind arrangement. 

Be sure to sign up for our summer CSA. Eight weeks of floral arrangements delivered straight to your door during our most bountiful season in eastern Oregon.

*We love when you visit us at the farm to pick up your order. We are also happy to deliver ($15 fee) your blooms within Pendleton city limits.



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After years of tending our land as a hobby, we set out to make the world more beautiful by extensively planting the farm in 2019. Located in eastern Oregon, we're blessed with all four seasons, of which each brings beauty and growth. With less than one acre of flowers and foliage, we offer special varieties of stems to bring joy to you and yours. 

We adore unexpected combinations like zinnias and chamomile, dahlias and heirloom roses, and sweet scented geranium greens to name a few. 

The flowers are in bloom from May - September and fresh cuts are available all year-round to order for holidays, celebrations, small weddings, or just because it's Tuesday. 

Uniquely styled, and sometimes even wild, each arrangement is not like the other. There is such happiness that a flower brings and we hope these flowers - from farm to vase - make the sun shine a little brighter in your corner of the world.

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